Using Automated Process Mining to Accelerate Your Business Transformation

On-demand webinar

Joint webinar with Jumar Technology

Webinar duration:
45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Glyn Oldfield, Senior Consultant at Jumar Technology
Tim Rushent, UK Sales Director at QPR Software
Mark Hankin, Pre-Sales Director at Jumar Technology
Mark Clark, Sales & Marketing Director at Jumar Technology

1. Why use Process mining for your business transformation
2. Process Mining basics and its capabilities
3. Delivering business transformation based on findings
4. Q&A

Who should attend?

Directors and Heads of Technology including Business Transformation Managers, COOs, CTOs, CIOs

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About the webinar

The pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for many businesses looking to transform the way they work in order to achieve greater operational resilience.

Friction in the end to end operational workflow, complications arising from process non-conformance, and the lack of shared, fact-based insights within an organization are familiar challenges to many trying to achieve this. However, to drive positive business change, organizations must first have an accurate, real-world view of their current processes.

Process mining can give 100% coverage of actual processes (instead of what you think they might be), point out process bottlenecks, and help discover impactful process improvement opportunities. Powered by machine learning algorithms, process mining will also help predict future compliance violations in processes, so you can fix the problems before they happen!

About Jumar Technology and QPR Software Partnership:

With 20 years of design and delivery experience, Jumar Technology helps its clients overcome capacity, capability, and maturity issues. Jumar helps deliver on their goals by leveraging technology to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, business integration, and data insights – while reducing exposure to risk and security vulnerabilities in their application portfolio. The immediate; fact-based transparency provided by QPR’s process mining solutions is a perfect accelerator to complement this expertise and deliver rapid results.

QPR’s enterprise-grade process mining solution gives businesses insight into their processes with pinpoint accuracy, so they know what to change to improve the way their business runs. By using QPR ProcessAnalyzer, organizations get a holistic view of their processes - including all the bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and variations. At the same time, they build the confidence to make the right decisions based on facts.


More info: QPR ProcessAnalyzer - There's a better way to run your business


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