Are SAP best practices the best way to run your business?

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About the webinar

In early 2020, SAP announced a revised schedule for SAP ECC Business Suite 6.0 maintenance and support to end by the end of 2027. While S/4HANA offers its users an extensive list of benefits, including flexibility, lower costs, and faster analytics, many things can go sideways in these complex and time-consuming migration projects.

SAP customers are given limited and difficult options moving forward: either quickly solve the IT complexity in their organization and prepare for the migration or view this as an opportunity to utilize the business possibilities of the modern cloud ERP platform.

QPR Software and our partner Tietoevry made it our common priority to resolve this dilemma for our clients. Together, we created a solution that provides SAP users with more accessible, faster, and better end results for their SAP S/4HANA migration projects: SAP S/4HANA Vectorial.

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage the latest technology to identify how well your processes match SAP best practices and make sure that you reach the ultimate goal: successful SAP S/4HANA transformation that improves business performance.


  1. The opportunities and challenges in ERP transformation and migration to S/4HANA: stories from our clients

  2. How QPR Software and Tietoevry created the first and only solution on the market, SAP S/4HANA Vectorial, to support end-to-end IT and ERP migration projects

  3. How to implement your ERP migration on time and within budget with SAP S/4HANA Vectorial

  4. Short live demo of SAP S/4HANA Vectorial

  5. Q&A

About SAP S/4HANA Vectorial

SAP S/4HANA Vectorial provides insight into how well your processes match SAP best practices. The tool uses powerful process mining technology to draw data from your SAP system and automatically displays a dynamic visualization of the real processes, comparing them to SAP best practice process models. This allows you to drill down and view to what degree and how your operations are off-track, providing you with the means to support and follow up on the development of your migration project. Inspired by the definition of a vector, this unique tool provides both magnitude and direction.

If you prefer to hear more about the solution beyond the scope of the webinar, please contact us, and we will gladly tell you more about the benefits of process mining in IT and ERP development or give you a tailored demo of our SAP S/4HANA Vectorial solution.

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Jaakko Knuutinen, Business Development Specialist at QPR Software

Jaakko, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management, has hands-on experience in various process mining and business process improvement projects.


Antti Ryysy
, Head of SAP Solutioning and Business Development at Tietoevry

Antti is a people-oriented leader with a technology and manufacturing background who ties technology and business value together and helps businesses achieve their true potential.


Niilo Tikka
, Process Mining Lead at Tietoevry

Niilo is an expert in process mining who helps his customers build innovative end-to-end business process transformation, increase operational efficiency, and renew existing business models.

QPR Software and Tietoevry Partnership

QPR and Tietoevry have joined forces to create a match made in heaven. As a Nordic Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ report 2021, Tietoevry has a wide range of substance knowledge and experience in SAP transformations. Combining Tietoevry's expertise with QPR's powerful process mining technology provides customers with an unprecedented vision for their transformation journey.