Process Mining for Oracle Netsuite

Tuesday, December 15th, at 3 PM EET (2 PM CET / 1 PM GMT)

This webinar is co-organized with Sofigate, a leading implementation partner of Oracle NetSuite.

Did you know that process mining can be used to analyze Oracle NetSuite data? Process mining enables you to tackle your biggest challenges by pinpointing any operational inefficiencies and finding root causes for them - so you know what to improve.

Simo Parkkali, head of process mining at Sofigate, will discuss industry best practices and insights from NetSuite Process Mining cases; how to ensure successful Oracle NetSuite transformation, unleashing the full potential of cloud ERP solutions and seamless collaboration between cloud solutions.

Olli Komulainen, responsible for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Applications will introduce QPR ProcessAnalyzer Oracle NetSuite application and show the typical use cases of process mining during a live product demo.

In this webinar you will learn:

• What the benefits of applying process mining for Oracle NetSuite are
• How to maximize the value of your Oracle NetSuite solution

We will send the webinar recording link and other webinar materials to your email if you can't make it to the live broadcast.


1. Introduction
2. Process Mining basics
3. Typical Process Mining use cases for Oracle NetSuite transformation
4. Demo of QPR Oracle NetSuite Application
5. Summary

More info: Get Fact-Based Insights with QPR ProcessAnalyzer


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