Webinar: Achieve Operational Efficiency with Process Mining

- Introducing New Operational Efficiency Features in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Olli Komulainen - Director, Marketing and Business Development


Process mining has become a key enabler of data-driven business operations, as it visualizes operations and pinpoints process inefficiencies and otherwise hidden information. 

The latest release of QPR ProcessAnalyzer aims to find new ways to boost your operational efficiency: identify and eliminate operational waste, make sure automation bots are working as they should, and ensure you're adhering to rules and regulations.

In this webinar, you will find out more through the following examples:

  1. Reporting end-to-end process lead times and other KPIs based on effective working hours
  2. Setting up Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets and monitoring the actual implementation of best practices
  3. Using new business notifications and triggers to stay on top of the most urgent cases handled by either humans or bots and stop inefficiencies from happening

If you're investing in process optimization and automation, you will benefit from these new features. Join the webinar to hear more and ask your questions!


More info: QPR ProcessAnalyzer - There's a better way to run your business


Watch on-demand webinar: