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Are you thinking about starting a process mining project?

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Using your operational data to drive better business results 


Why Process Mining?

Traditionally, a company’s business processes and KPIs are analyzed and modeled based on employee and customer interviews, workshops and other qualitative methods. This may be useful, but it takes time, costs money, and forms a subjective view that will rarely give you the full picture. Process Mining takes an entirely different and far more objective approach, analyzing your business by studying the data behind your operations.


The benefits of Process Mining

  • Visualize your company’s real time performance
  • Identify the root causes of business process inefficiencies
  • Quickly locate and fix bottlenecks
  • Reduce resource needs and free up working capital
  • Track KPIs and their changes over time


What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is about automated business process discovery - using smart software to continuously analyze and visualize the flow of your operations based on real data, so that you can identify specific ways to improve your business. Process mining is easier and more cost-effective than many people realize – with near instant results. 


How does Process Mining work?

The data required for Process Mining comes in the form of event logs that IT systems typically record at various points along your business process flow timeline. By quickly extracting and reading these event logs, Process Mining software builds an instant visual model of a given flow. This allows you not only to identify any deviations from an optimal business process, but also to understand the reason for the deviation so that you can make the necessary adjustments.  


Where can process mining be applied?

Process Mining application areas

Process Mining use cases


Process Mining software: QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR’s Process Mining software tool – QPR ProcessAnalyzer – is based on patented technology that offers the world’s best in business process analysis and prediction capabilities. QPR's process mining product is quick to implement, easily connects to common enterprise systems, and is available as a cloud, server or desktop application. QPR ProcessAnalyzer also combines familiar analysis tools with simple and flexible web and mobile dashboards, so it’s easy to visualize and report your findings to the rest of your team.


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Customer Stories


“The Visualization of the Processes is a great tool for communicating the needed changes for the process stakeholders. Showing the actual happenings clarifies the needs for process improvements and makes the points of improvement clear. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is truly a gamechanger for process improvement.” 
- Fauzia Khan, Business Process Manager, Nokia

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"We have now a lot of KPIs in reports, and they are not reflecting the situation that are difficult to change, because there are a lot of things behind it to calculate it, but then you get a report and it's not so easy to understand it anymore. QPR is, for us, an easy tool to verify, is our business working this way? Is it value added to change the process?"

- Daisy Rolly, Business Analyst Supply Chain, Terumo Europe


"The good thing is that, in 3 months you build something that's a complete x-ray of the processes, so you have no more debate on whether the KPIs are defined properly, or what definitions to use, you can look at the processes, the actual processes, you can look at the lead times, and you can bring those facts on the table without debates, it's coming right out of your system and having that is a big power in making decisions with those fact-based data."

- Siem Jaspers, Business Analyst Supply Chain, Terumo Europe

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“We were able to identify on which process to focus our efforts using QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The solution gave us a great way to communicate the process flow and the gaps that were found during the analysis to our regional teams.”
- Capucine Azé, SD & SCM Specialist, Kemira

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"The process insight and facts delivered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer were priceless. We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed.”
- Jari Vuori, Vice President Supply Chain, Metsä Board

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“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to see the whole Ad Hoc Service process. Without the data and the product we wouldn’t have been able to discover the reasons behind the process bottlenecks.”
- Aila Aaltonen, CIO, Caverion

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"At Vaisala, we are committed to continuous process improvement. QPR ProcessAnalyzer has enabled us to do just that easily and effectively, saving valued time for our organizations by quickly pinpointing the development areas.”

- Arto Puukko, Process Development Manager, Group Quality, Vaisala

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"With the process facts in front of you, there is no denying where you need to put your focus and efforts when developing a process. This is exactly what QPR ProcessAnalyzer delivered.”  

- Kristian Witting, Director, IT and Business Process Development, Ruukki Construction  

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