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From Insight to Act within 5 Days
– Using Automated Process Mining to Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Joint webinar with Jumar Technology


Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 1 PM GMT | 2 PM CEST | 3 PM EEST

Webinar duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A


Glyn Oldfield, Senior Consultant at Jumar Technology
Tim Rushent, UK Sales Director at QPR Software
Mark Hankin, Pre-Sales Director at Jumar Technology
Mark Clark, Sales & Marketing Director at Jumar Technology

The pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for many businesses looking to transform the way they work in order to achieve greater operational resilience.

Friction in the end to end operational workflow, complications arising from process non-conformance, and the lack of shared, fact-based insights within an organization are familiar challenges to many trying to achieve this. However, to drive positive business change, organizations must first have an accurate, real-world view of their current processes.

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How does Process Mining support your Intelligent Automation Journey​?


On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 45 minutes
Speaker: Matti Erkheikki, Senior Vice President, Process Mining & Strategy Management at QPR Software

Process automation is one of the key objectives for the majority of organizations today. Process mining provides tremendous value to all process automation initiatives by shortening implementation time, reducing risk, and increasing business value.

In this webinar, we will introduce a practical 3+1 model of the synergies between process automation and process mining, and you will learn:

  • How process mining helps to automate business processes,
  • How process mining can be used to trigger automation and
  • What modern process mining technologies are capable of today.

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Intelligent Process Mining with Machine Learning

- Machine Learning in Process Mining Part 1


On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 30 minutes
Speaker: D.Sc. Teemu Lehto, Vice President, Process Mining at QPR Software

Machine learning helps organizations to better make use of the process mining results to improve processes more efficiently.

This webinar is foundation-level. It will give you - business leaders, process analysts, auditors, data scientists - a clear understanding of Intelligent process mining business benefits and techniques.

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Preventing Compliance Violations using Intelligent Process Mining

- Machine Learning in Process Mining Part 2


On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 30 minutes
Speaker: D.Sc. Teemu Lehto, Vice President, Process Mining at QPR Software

Intelligent process mining uses machine learning to better utilize the process mining results.

This webinar will give you – compliance officer, internal auditor, business leader, process analyst, controller – a clear understanding of the benefits of intelligent process mining for preventing compliance violations.

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