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Process Mining:
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Process mining is used to automatically visualize process flows based on data from organizations' information systems. With process mining, you gain fact-based insights into your operations with pinpoint accuracy, so you know exactly what to change in order to reach better business results.

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Webinar: How does Process Mining support your Intelligent Automation Journey​?

Webinar duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Matti Erkheikki, Senior Vice President, Process Mining & Strategy Management

Process automation is one of the key objectives for the majority of organizations today. Process mining provides tremendous value to all process automation initiatives by shortening implementation time, reducing risk, and increasing business value.

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Process Mining in Banking and Insurance

Identifying inefficiencies, risks, and automation opportunities with process mining

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in 2-3 hours instead of three weeks"

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What is Process Mining using Artificial Intelligence?

By Saara Bergman        Jun 4, 2021

Only a few years ago, pen and paper were enough to map processes and trying to find areas for improvement. Once a report was done, the situation might have changed completely and the report was left obsolete.

Instead of using pen and paper, process mining technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically extract, visualize, and make sense of operational data from organizations' IT systems. Process mining software like QPR ProcessAnalyzer help you understand this dynamic visualization (or "digital twin") of your organization and make interesting findings: where costs can be saved, processes can be simplified, automation needs to be improved most, etc.

Not only can you find root causes for your problems, but also predict problems and get automatic alerts when problems are about to arise - so you can proactively take action.

This blog opens up how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in process mining: cluster cases, predict problems, and more. 


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