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The fast track to improved business performance.
The fast track to improved business performance.

Drive your process efficiency and the future of process automation. Deliver business results by leveraging the real value of your data.

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QPR Software provides solutions for Process MiningEnterprise Architecture, Business Process-, Performance-& Quality Management in over 50 countries.

Our products & services allow customers to gain valuable insights for informed decisions that make a difference.

With 25 years of experience, 2 000 customers and over a million licenses sold, QPR’s products are highly regarded by customers and industry analysts alike.

Dare to improve.

QPR Business Operating System

QPR Business Operating System offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable not only process modeling, performance analysis, and measuring but also enterprise architecture. QPR Business Operating System comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organizations in developing their operations as a whole, looking at the big picture.

"Process mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer basically help you to highlight process inefficiencies. If you have a target to reduce cycle time, to improve your process, or to harmonize and standardize your process. You can leverage this tool to exactly focus in those directions."

- Fauzia Khan, Business Process Manager, Nokia - 

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EY UK achieving step change in risk analytics capability with QPR ProcessAnalyzer.


Stewart Wallace shares with us how Process Mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer have helped EY UK ...


Teemu Lehto

Vice President, Process Mining
Operational Process Mining is done by monitoring real-time data with dashboards, alerts, and analyses. QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.4 introduces several features for managing and developing these growing amounts of dashboards and analyses to share business process findings with other team members and within the whole organization.

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