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Gain insight into your processes.

Model. Analyze. Measure. Monitor.

Process Mining:
The fast track to improved business performance

Process mining is used to automatically visualize process flows based on data from organizations' information systems. With process mining, you gain fact-based insights into your operations with pinpoint accuracy, so you know exactly what to change in order to reach better business results.

Watch the video below to find out more about the benefits of QPR ProcessAnalyzer: the leading enterprise-grade process mining software.

Webinar: Process Mining for Banking Transformation

In this joint webinar with BearingPoint, we will discuss:
  • The evolving technological, economic, competitive and regulatory pressures on European banking
  • Why run the bank / change the bank is giving way to ‘transform the bank’
  • How banks still need to and can maintain operational efficiency and cost hygiene
  • The benefits and limitations of traditional methods for transformation
  • The role of process mining in operational discovery, performance management, conformance and compliance

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Featured customer success story

Process Mining in Banking and Insurance

Identifying inefficiencies, risks, and automation opportunities with process mining

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in 2-3 hours instead of three weeks"

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Featured blog

Maverick Buying with Process Mining

By Lassi Uusitalo        Dec 1, 2020

The world of business revolves around a very simple idea – we provide products and services in exchange for monetary compensation from our current and future customers. In our pursuit to keep our customers happy and increase the revenue, we must make sure that we have all the right materials in the right quantities at the right time - every time - to ensure that our supply chain works frictionlessly. Typically, to ensure stability of the supply chain and decrease material costs, companies establish partnerships with reliable suppliers through contract agreements.

However, from time to time, situations arise where people cut corners and make purchases outside of the formal process - this is known as Maverick Buying. The Finance department may receive an invoice with no PO attached to it, which prompts the following questions: Where did this come from? Who are these people that sent us this invoice? Where do I begin looking into this?

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