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Improve business processes
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Offer your organization an easy to use yet comprehensive BPM solution

Organizations often don’t have visibility into their operations due to lack of business process modeling and how IT systems should support processes. QPR ProcessDesigner is a leading business process modeling tool to describe, analyze, communicate and improve your processes. QPR ProcessDesigner’s easy process modeling and designing helps business being more agile, effective and customer centric. To help you achieve process improvements, QPR targets all your business process management initiatives. The web based QPR Portal offers an efficient communication, collaboration and monitoring place for all stakeholders.

Business process management initiatives

Our growing 2000+ customer base affirms QPR ProcessDesigner as a tool which enables all stakeholders to contribute in a systematic way of working with effective process improvement. QPR ProcessDesigner can be implemented rapidly in any organization thanks to a best practice framework. QPR and its business process management tool has been listed in leading BPM and EBPA industry analyst listings.

Key highlights

  • Easy to model and design
  • Consolidate & share information through a flexible web portal
  • Configure to fit for purpose and organization needs
  • Support for APQC and other frameworks
  • Access your document management system such as Microsoft SharePoint

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Featured References

“The use of QPR ProcessDesigner has led to creation of a single Process repository for the bank. This enabled certification for ISO 9001-2000 in paperless mode and provided significant cost savings against deploying a paper based ISO system.”

- Commercial Bank of Dubai -

“QPR implementation project allowed BPM to be placed into the bank’s agenda and involve its main transversal areas such as Quality, Risk, Compliance, Business Continuity, IT and Audit, creating a single process model, shared and available to all the organization.”

- Manuel V. Guimarães, Quality General Manager, Millenniumbcp-