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Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining

Bring Your Purchase-to-Pay Process to the Next Level

With the Purchase-to-Pay solution, you'll gain vital insights that help you increase the efficiency of your PtP process and enjoy significant cost savings. QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualizes process flows and identifies symptoms of inefficient processes, such as bottlenecks, rework, Maverick buying, and conformance violations.

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Solutions - Purchase to Pay - Discover Inefficiencies

Reduce rework by discovering your as-is processes and their inefficiencies in real-time with flowcharts.

Solutions - Purchase to Pay - Discover Root Causes

Improve efficiency by finding root causes for the problems you discovered, as well as opportunities for automation.

Solutions - Purchase to Pay - Discover Maverick Buying

Reduce Maverick buying with ready-made presets that identify and categorize Maverick buying for you.

Solutions - Purchase to Pay - Machine Learning

Increase your three-way match rate as well as automated invoice approvals.

Featured webinar: September 22nd, 2020 at 3pm EEST

Process Mining for Accounts Payable

  • Learn how to discover the Accounts Payable side of your Purchase-to-Pay process, its inefficiencies and their root causes with process mining.
  • Understand how to use the AP Application to empower your organization with all the process mining benefits, including harnessing cash discounts, shortening lead times and driving high compliance.

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What is the Purchase-to-Pay Process?

The Purchase-to-Pay process is also known as PtP, procure-to-pay, or req-to-check. It refers to business processes that cover requisitioning, purchasing, confirming, receiving, paying for, and accounting for goods and services.

As the transactional volume is extremely high and often quite complex (with different approvals, procedures requests and suppliers), each step within the processes is a potential source of errors. This makes Purchase-to-Pay a good target for process mining, which brings visibility to the entire end-to-end process and identifies root causes for problems.

Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining - Net Price Changes

Why Process Mining?

Would you like to have better procurement, lower buying prices, and higher internal efficiency? Process mining not only visualizes the end-to-end Purchase-to-Pay process in process flow charts, but also effectively pinpoints business segments with the biggest improvement potential.

Process mining helps you improve your Purchase-to-Pay process performance and achieve the following business benefits:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Better discount due to shorter payment periods
  • Increased success and volume of Robotic Process Automation
  • Fewer process changes, errors, rework
  • Less Maverick buying
  • Improved use of frame agreements

Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining - Operations Overview

Purchase-to-Pay with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

This solution fits all Purchase-to-Pay analysis needs, and the best part is: you don't have to be a data scientist. QPR's Purchase-to-Pay solution contains pre-built presets for analyzing and optimizing the purchase-to-pay process. Analyze lead times and price changes, see process conformance and automation opportunities, and spot Maverick buying and its' root causes from the same view.

Moreover, you'll have access to the advanced features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer: the industry’s leading Root Cause analysis, AI-based Clustering analysis, and advanced Machine Learning functionalities.

Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining - Lead Time Analysis

How? QPR ProcessAnalyzer draws event data directly from your IT systems (such as ERP, CRM and BPM systems). It then visualizes and analyzes process flows that currently take place in your organization - providing a holistic view of processes, while identifying risks (such as bottlenecks, process deviations, compliance violations) and opportunities (such as the most suitable and profitable processes for Robotic Process Automation).

Gain the confidence to make the right decisions and take your processes to the next level.

Find out how Metsä Board succeeded to increase order lines and volume by 60%

“We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed - and not wasting time on trial and error.”

  • Orders processed with same personnel +60 %
  • Number of invoice corrections -80 %

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