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With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, Metsä Board knows where the bottlenecks are in real processes.

Improving supply chain based on data - analysis of the real process

“The process insight and facts delivered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer were priceless. We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed. And not wasting time on trial and error.”


  • Legacy ERP backbone not reflecting the latest business scope or structure, consisting of obsolete supply chain tools design, missing integration among existing functions.
  • Process performance and deviations measurement missing.
  • Lack of transparency and reporting of the business operations.


  • Continuous improvement of process performance supported by the fact-based insights from QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
  • Identifying bottlenecks for process automation using QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Business benefits

  • Conformant order lines from 40% to 80 %
  • Successful mitigation of geographical handicap
  • Order lines and volume: + 60%
  • Headcount in supply chain remains the same

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