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Processes are at the core of IT Service Management (ITSM) and not using process mining to improve ITSM operations is like skydiving with an undersized parachute - you fall a lot quicker than you'd like to. 


Process mining for Service Management

Process mining ensures unbiased, fact-based scrutiny of service management processes by taking advantage of ITSM audit logs. Process mining tools create advanced presentations and analyses, such as flowcharts, KPI and influence analyses, and machine learning assisted predictions, based on data you already own. Process mining increases service delivery performance and drives cost reduction. You'll be able to reduce or even eliminate inefficient variants to as-designed processes.  Through better transparency you'll detect suboptimal behavior if not costly mistakes.


Applications and benefits

  • Increase visibility and transparency of your service management processes
  • Identify exceptional and unwanted process steps
  • See if escalation rules are effective
  • Calculate incident management KPIs, such as SLA breach rate, Average Time to Resolution, and first call resolution rate
  • Improve compliance with best-practice service management processes
  • Categorize products and services by incident frequency and support work load
  • Predict outcomes of currently open cases
  • Support Robotic Process Automation by identifying key areas of application


Let data speak for itself

To get started, let's chat, talk/email, or meet at one of our offices! We’d be excited to work with you and tackle ITSM with our leading process mining tools, best practices, and of course experienced subject-matter experts.


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Customer Stories

"Process mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer basically help you to highlight process inefficiencies. If you have a target to reduce cycle time, to improve your process, or to harmonize and standardize your process. You can leverage this tool to exactly focus in those directions.

The influence analysis is one of my favorites. It allows you to do a root cause analysis on what happened, why it happened, and QPR ProcessAnalyzer is able to showcase that to you. Then, you can build the story on how what kind of improvements can be done in the company based on that finding." 

- Fauzia Khan, Business Process Manager, Nokia

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"We can replace opinions with facts and it is easier for people to accept changes when you can justify them with the facts. It's also easier to focus on those areas where the development is most needed. For example, you get away from sending emails with overreaching instructions how people should do certain things. But with QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you can now identify the area where the improvement is needed, and then perhaps just talk to two or three people and get the change done. It's easy to focus on things mentally.

- Matti Ketonen, VP Supply Chain, Metsä Board

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