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Service Management with Process Mining

Ensure an unbiased, fact-based scrutiny of Service Management processes.

Process Mining continuously visualizes IT Service Management processes in flowcharts and pinpoints improvement areas, automation opportunities, and SLA breaches. 

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Reduce rework by having your as-is process flowchart visualized continuously and automatically.

Solutions - Robotic Process Automation - 1

Improve efficiency by finding root causes for the problems you discovered in your process.

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Instantly spot compliance and Service Level Agreement violations and trends.

Monitor the end-to-end process and relevant KPIs continuously and predictively.

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Everything you need to know about using Process Mining for Service Management

"We provide excellent service value to our customers!" proclaims the Service Manager. Here's the question: How do you know? With the shear volume of daily service requests, it is difficult to keep track of ongoing service requests. You may be asking yourself:

- Which service requests should have been resolved by now?
- What are the common reasons for SLA breaches?
- How do I improve the overall Service Management process?
- And what about the difference in the provided service quality between different sub-units of the organization?

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Service Management with Process Mining

Process mining ensures unbiased, fact-based scrutiny of service management processes by taking advantage of audit logs.

From the starting point of your process all the way until resolving an SLA, a record exists of when such an event took place in the service management process. Process Mining is used to analyse these events. 

Process mining transforms the event traces - the process data - into actionable insights. Spotting breaches of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and monitoring the state of company-wide or unit-wide service requests has never been easier.


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Why Process Mining?

Finding improvement points is critical for process optimization, and this is where process mining can help.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides immediate insights that enable you to spot inefficiencies, and where these inefficiencies stem from. 

With full transparency of your Service Management processes, you can:

  • Spot SLA breaches and Compliance violations
  • Identify root causes for any inefficiencies
  • Monitor lead times between process steps
  • Monitor trends 

servicemanagementleadtime (3)


Seamless data connection

QPR's process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, draws event data directly from your information systems using ready-made connectorsThese connectors enable continuous visualization and analysis of process flows that currently take place in your organization - providing a holistic view of processes, while identifying risks (such as bottlenecks, process deviations, compliance violations) and opportunities (such as the most suitable processes and tasks for Robotic Process Automation).

Find out how Metsä Board succeeded to increase order lines and volume by 60%

“We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed - and not wasting time on trial and error.”

  • Orders processed with same personnel +60 %
  • Number of invoice corrections -80 %

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