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Our Strategy

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QPR Software´s mission is to make customers agile and efficient in their operations. We innovate, develop, and sell software aimed at analyzing, monitoring, and modeling operations in organizations. Furthermore, we offer customers a variety of consulting services. 

Our product development is designed to solve the increasing challenges faced by organizations in leading their operations in a rapidly digitalizing world. Our focus areas are process mining, process analytics, and strategic corporate performance management. We believe that the relevant market for these focus areas will grow significantly, as companies collect more and more transaction and other event data from their operations. We aim to accelerate our product development by increasing our resources in a controlled manner. Our target is to gain a significant share of the rapidly growing process mining and analytics market.

In software development, we have placed renewed focus on great user experience. In the next few years, we seek to specifically grow our international software sales. In order to reach this target, we will increase our resources in marketing and sales this year.

Our offering

We offer our customers innovative and efficient tools to model and measure all layers and dimensions of operations, from automatically discovering and monitoring any processes based on actual event data, and to analyzing causes for potential performance problems. This provides customers insight into their operations – enabling them to streamline and improve business operations and to execute their strategies swiftly and effectively.

Home market

In our home market Finland, we sell and deliver software and provide consulting services mostly directly to our customers. In process and enterprise architecture modeling software, we are the local market leader with approximately 50% market share. In process mining and analytics, we are clearly leading the local market and are amongst the most advanced companies in the world. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted us two patents for the technology behind this software.

International markets

In international markets, we work through our own direct sales as well as an extensive reseller network in software sales, extending to over 50 countries. For our resellers we offer, in addition to software sales commissions, an attractive opportunity to significantly grow their consulting business in their respective market. With our innovative offering, they gain the opportunity to stand out from competition, which is using traditional methodologies and tools.

Our values

Our values are long-term success together, reliability, and respect. They define our operating culture and thus create a foundation for our future success and growth. 



Updated 2/2018


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