Operational Management

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO's duty is to manage the company's activities in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and the Board of Directors' instructions and rules and to inform the Board of Directors about the development of the company's business and financial situation. The CEO is also responsible for arranging the company's day-to-day administration and ensuring that the financial administration of the company has been arranged reliably. The CEO primarily presents matters in Board meetings and is responsible for preparing draft solutions.

QPR's Board of Directors appointed Jari Jaakkola the CEO on 3 January, 2008.

Principles of compensation

QPR's Board of Directors appoints the CEO and decides the terms of his/her service contract. The CEO's terms of service have been agreed on in writing. The CEO is not appointed for a certain term, but is appointed indefinitely until further notice is given. The Company does not have any differing pension arrangements for the CEO. The period of notice for the CEO is three months. Compensation on termination is equivalent to six months' salary.

QPR Software Plc does not have any share based incentive schemes.

Executive Management Team

QPR has an Executive Management Team, the Chairman of which is QPR's CEO and the members who are Senior Vice Presidents (SVP) responsible for the company's business operations and business units and corporate support functions. The Executive Management Team can be expanded if this is considered necessary for the matter under consideration.

The Executive Management Team's main responsibility is to assist the CEO, monitor and develop the company's business in line with the objectives set, and disseminate information. The Executive Management Team is informed about all business plans, profit performance and majority of the matters that are handled by QPR's Board of Directors, and it also participates in the preparation of these matters as appointed by the CEO. The Executive Management Team meets twice a month.

See the members of the QPR Software Executive Management Team.

Principles of compensation

QPR's Board of Directors makes decisions on the salary benefits of the members of the Executive Management Team. The employment agreements of the members of the Executive Management Team are based on the collective agreement in force, including the periods of notice thereto. The Executive Management Team members have no differing arrangements related to the termination of their contract or any differing pension arrangements.

Information about compensation and bonus system is available in QPR Software's remuneration statement

QPR Software Plc does not have any share based incentive schemes.


Updated 3/2018