QPR Engages with Snowflake and US Partners at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Last week, from June 3rd to 6th, QPR Software attended the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 in San Francisco. This key event brought together industry leaders and data enthusiasts to discuss AI, apps, and data collaboration. Snowflake announced new products and an extended partnership with Nvidia. 

The summit offered QPR valuable opportunities to engage with Snowflake representatives and our U.S. partners, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. These interactions will help us accelerate innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients in data analytics and process optimization.

During the event, Nvidia's Founder & CEO Jensen Huang delivered a profound message in the opening keynote regarding the authenticity and immensity of data stored within Snowflake. He emphasized the importance of computing at the source of data rather than moving it elsewhere for processing.

This sentiment aligns perfectly with QPR Software's approach to process mining. As globally the only process mining vendor capable of operating within the Snowflake Data Cloud, we recognize the importance of leveraging data where it resides. Moreover, QPR’s process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, is a leader in integrating AI into the process mining domain, utilizing the Snowflake Data Cloud as a centralized computing environment for all AI features.

Heikki Veijola, CEO of QPR Software, commented on the alignment between NVIDIA's vision and QPR's mission, stating, "The synergy highlights our dedication to empowering clients through data solutions. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, organizations can enhance their process mining to be more secure, efficient, and insightful by leveraging our AI capabilities within the Snowflake Data Cloud."

Matti Erkheikki, Chief Product Officer at QPR Software, echoed this sentiment, “Enabling process mining within Snowflake revolutionizes how organizations use their data for actionable insights. Our solution avoids data duplication, saving on storage and computing costs, and provides seamless security with real-time insights. This integration empowers clients to enhance efficiency, agility, and innovation, while managing large datasets for comprehensive insights.”

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