Public Investment Fund from Saudi Arabia has selected QPR Strategy and Performance Management Software

QPR Software will deliver our Strategy and Performance Management software to the Public Investment Fund (PIF) from Saudi Arabia.

PIF is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia and it seeks to become one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. PIF is building a world-class domestic and international investment portfolio, and is positioned to be transformed into the world´s most impactful investor.

QPR Metrics, a leading Strategy and Performance Management software product, is used to implement the solution. PIF will have visually attractive and powerful performance dashboards, which enable effective monitoring and management of strategic objectives, KPIs and initiatives throughout the organization. The solution enables proactive management control over performance and strategy execution. Visually appealing performance dashboards and reports provide a vehicle for the customer to communicate performance and strategy effectively. Advanced functionalities of QPR solution enable efficient maintenance of the strategy and performance management system.

“QPR’s Strategy and Performance Management solution combines excellent user experience and visuality with advanced and flexible functionality that provides significant value for PIF. The kind of large-scale and multi-dimensional monitoring of strategy and performance is very challenging without a professional software solution. We are excited to support PIF in their journey to successfully execute strategy and improve performance” says Tero Aspinen, Vice President of Strategy Management at QPR.


About QPR Software

QPR Software Plc (Nasdaq Helsinki) provides process mining, performance management and enterprise architecture solutions for digital transformation, strategy execution, and business process improvement in over 50 countries. QPR software allows customers to gain valuable insights for informed decisions that make a difference.

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For additional information in QPR Software, please contact:

Tero Aspinen
Vice President, Strategy Management
Email: tero.aspinen(at)
Tel. + 358 (0)50 338 1894

More information: QPR Metrics and Performance Management.



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Yen Do

Marketing manager in Process Mining at QPR Software.

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