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Logistics with Process Mining

Increase On-Time Deliveries, optimize supply chains and decrease warehousing costs.

Logistics professionals are faced with increasing customer requirements as well as procurement and warehousing efficiency targets. Customers demand accurate and timely deliveries while organizations strive for lower inventory levels and cost efficiency.

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Reduce rework by having your process flowcharts visualized continuously and automatically.

Solutions - Robotic Process Automation - 1

Improve efficiency by finding root causes for the problems you discovered in your processes.

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Gain insight into delivery or automation blocks and compliance issues with pre-built analyses and charts. 

Monitor the end-to-end process and relevant KPIs continuously: Ensure that customers get their orders on time and in full.

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7

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Current Challenges in Logistics

On-time delivery fails
• Goods are delayed, lost, or damaged during shipment or delivered to wrong destination
• Order amounts are not met.

High warehousing costs
• The organization cannot pinpoint from which warehouse or distribution center the problems originate.
• Mistakes in sorting and inventories.
• Vessel capacity is too low.

Difficult to manage Supply Chain
• High transportation costs.
• Rules and regulations are not followed.
• Large amounts of unused data in operative business systems about supply chain performance.
• No proper visibility to ERP or supply chain - what logistics data it actually contains and what can be drawn out.
• Production is halted due to missing raw materials.


Why Process Mining?

Finding improvement points is critical for process optimization, and this is where process mining can help.

Process Mining transforms the process data produced by information systems into knowledge. This knowledge is visualized in process flow charts. QPR ProcessAnalyzer - QPR's process mining software - provides improvement points so that you can optimize your processes. With process mining, you can: 

  • Increase on-time delivery by 23 %
  • Save 40 % in warehousing costs
  • Locate key regions where payment is on time
  • Benchmark and monitor the amount of returned goods
  • Identify root causes for order changes
  • Check lead times between process steps.


Logistics with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

This solution fits all Logistics analysis needs, and the best part is: you don't have to be a data scientist. Pre-built process presets and dashboards ensure easy analysis of your data.

Dashboards are customizable to contain all the up-to-date information of your processes. Real-time monitoring is available as the data loading happens in intervals of your choosing.

Moreover, with QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you get access to advanced features such as the industry’s leading Root Cause analysis, AI-based Clustering analysis, and advanced Machine Learning functionalities.


Seamless data collection

QPR's process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, draws event data directly from your information systems using ready-made connectors

These connectors enable continuous visualization and analysis of process flows that currently take place in your organization - providing a holistic view of processes, while identifying risks (such as bottlenecks, process deviations, compliance violations) and opportunities (such as the most suitable processes and tasks for Robotic Process Automation).

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Find out how Metsä Board succeeded to increase order lines and volume by 60%

“We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed - and not wasting time on trial and error.”

  • Orders processed with same personnel +60 %
  • Number of invoice corrections -80 %

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