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IT & ERP Development

Reduce complexity with Process Mining

IT and ERP migrations, implementations, and deployments are demanding and laborious projects, yet necessary for today’s agile businesses. Find out how process mining decreases the complexity of these vital tasks.

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Reduce risks in all IT and ERP -related projects

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Shorten durations of development projects

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Reduce maintenance, development and support costs

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Ensure smooth system migrations

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IT & ERP Development with Process Mining

Learn how to ensure smooth implementations and system migrations while reducing maintenance, development and support costs with QPR's process mining software.

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Gain insight into processes

When you’re about to undertake a system transformation and modernize your core systems, you’re standing in front of an opportunity to gain the agility you need to succeed in the future.

However, in order to reduce the risks that are involved in system development, you need to take a detailed look into your processes. The past methods of analyzing processes using workshops and interviews will not give you the objective, fact-based, and current insights into your operational data that you need.

QPR's process mining software brings you fact-based and objective insights about your processes in real-time:

  • Process discovery
  • Root cause analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Trend analysis
  • Conformance analysis
  • Enhanced BPMN

See how process discovery works in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

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Understand your IT & ERP systems

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you can truly understand how your business is using ERP systems:

  • Identify opportunities for IT, ERP, and RPA development
  • Reduce system complexity and maintenance costs
  • Support the deployment of systems and identify end-user problems
  • Successfully consolidate multiple ERP instances
  • Increase the satisfaction of your system users

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Robotic Process Automation with QPR ProcessAnalyzer


Customer story

“QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a really cost-effective way to support our ERP implementation"

A large service company, operating in environmental, facility and industrial services, used QPR's process mining solution when implementing IFS ERP to 1000+ users. Find out how they reduced ERP implementation costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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