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Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem that, through pioneering use of cloud computing, revolutionized the way enterprise software is delivered and used.

The QPR ProcessAnalyzer connector for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform provides unique insight into the business processes run by Salesforce solutions. For the first time it's possible to do processflow analytics over the end-to-end process, starting from Lead generation up to Delivery and Invoicing.  Supporting highly digitalized business processes, Salesforce is an ideal platform for QPR ProcessAnalyzer, a fully data-based process analytics and modeling tool for streamlining businesses in constant transformation. 


With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, executives can constantly ensure best business performance by: 

•    Increased efficiency of sales and service processes 
•    Minimized process waste by understanding the real success factors
•    Improved customer satisfaction through efficient and timely services 
•    Minimized business risks with fact-based and transparent benchmarking


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Customer cases


To visualize the sales funnel, QPR ProcessAnalyzer was plugged directly to Vaisala’s CRM system Salesforce. As opposed to the other source systems, the data validation did not require internal involvement from Vaisala as needed data could be selected and fetched from Salesforce Cloud using QPR connector for Salesforce.com. 

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With the opportunity process logged in CRM-system (Salesforce) and delivery process in ERP-system (SAP), this meant for QPR the combining of the relevant data from the two systems in order to visualize the end-to-end process.

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