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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Process Mining for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP solution for large and medium enterprises that have complex single or multi-site operations. The Dynamics AX solution is agile and flexible: it offers a large built-in functionality, but also a wide integrated development environment, so companies can customize the ERP for their needs.

Gain the most insights from your ERP with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

The Process Mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer extends and integrates with AX using our QPR Connector. QPR ProcessAnalyzer then presents automatically-generated visualizations of your processes in dynamic flowcharts. This provides your company with transparency into your end-to-end business processes. 



Has your company been able to visualize its accounting or sales processes? Do you know if there are repetitive or unwanted process steps and how you can get rid of these? Are you automating the right processes and monitoring how your bots are performing? These are just some findings you will make with QPR ProcessAnalyzer.


In this example, you gain valuable insights into the status of your sales orders. Empower your organisation to tackle your biggest challenges by spotting long lasting deliveries, see root causes behind them - and improve.


QPR ProcessAnalyzer Feature Guide

You need a process mining software that offers seamless integration to your data sources, a suitable deployment option for you, and different licenses for different types of users.

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you get all of these, as well as access to the industry’s leading Root Cause analysis, AI-based Clustering analysis, advanced Machine Learning functionalities, and more.

Find out more about the analyses and enterprise features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer by downloading the feature guide below: