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QPR ProcessAnalyzer

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Infor is the world's third largest business applications company that provides software purpose built for specific industries (healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, fashion, retail, and distribution). It runs mission critical manufacturing applications at some of the world's best manufacturing companies including Boeing, Ferrari, and Siemens. Infor M3 is Infor's comprehensive and centralized ERP solution.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the best-of-breed process mining tool for Infor M3. With a direct connector to the M3 database, reading the right data tables and acquiring the relevant data automatically for each process or order is straightforward. Since M3 processes are closely connected to the type of order that is being handled, process ownership can be quite fragmented and hence getting the big picture is difficult. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer for M3 you connect all the dots and merge all order interconnections into comprehensive process visualization and root cause analysis.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer gives organizations insight to their multi-operational processes and makes it possible to see e.g. how changes in one part of a process affect the whole end-to-end process. Organizations using M3 are often manufacturing and/or distribution oriented so you'll enjoy at least the following benefits when using QPR ProcessAnalyzer for M3:

  • Get help in planning ahead
  • Reduce lead time to market
  • Handle a wide range of products and locations
  • Make better decisions due to increased process transparency
  • Reduce risk
  • Manage your warehouse better
  • Plan production and sourcing more efficiently
  • Streamline the whole supply chain
  • Utilize resources optimally

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