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Start your journey to improved business performance! In this page, you will find three main chapters related to different concepts of Process Mining. Familiarize yourself with these chapters and you will be ready to take the Process Mining Champion certificate test.

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Basic Concepts

Solutions - Robotic Process Automation - 1

Use Cases

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Conformance & KPIs 

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1. Basic Concepts

Read the following pages from our website to understand the management discipline and application areas of Process Mining:

After reading these you should be able to answer:
  • Which type of data do you need to get started?
  • Benefits of this discipline?
  • Examples of application areas?



2. Deployment & Use Cases

This chapter will introduce you to the different connectors and use cases of QPR ProcessAnalyzer which have been applied.

After reading these, you should be able to answer:
  • Can you visualize processes from different ERP systems?
  • What are the steps to RPA success?
  • How did process mining help the merger of Nokia and former Alcatel-Lucent?



3. Conformance & KPIs

What type of KPIs can be used in Process Mining? Are the processes in your organization complying with the plan?

After reading these you should be able to answer:

  • How can you improve your organization's OTIF?
  • What are the attributes in Maverick buying?
  • Why enable an analysis of the differences between any data dimension?



Ready to take the test?

Why should you become a QPR Certified Process Mining Champion?

• Invest in yourself by learning the basic concepts and more technical aspects of Process Mining
• Receive our recognized certification to prove yourself and your employer the skill-set that you have.
• Drive your organization's process efficiency and gain insight for informed decisions that make a difference.

Are you ready to take on the test? Good luck! Please follow the instructions given at the beginning of the test. For more information, contact marketing@qpr.com

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