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When facing different challenges such as business environment changes or increasing ICT costs, organizations need insight to successfully execute strategies and develop business operations. QPR enterprise architecture based Operational Development Methodology (ODM) is a framework and a template for business and strategy driven development of all your operations. It delivers a practical development path from transformation requirement analysis to using architecture in change induced projects. QPR ODM gives you understandable, relevant and practical means to analyse and compare your options in change situations.

The methodology does not require any adaption of new philosophies or paradigms. Therefore it does not replace, but helps your current development function perform more efficiently. The methodology is aligned with industry standards such as TOGAF®, ArchiMate® and BPMN.

With QPR ODM you can:

  • Ensure that your operations are in line with strategy
  • Develop your operations in an agile way to better fit strategic requirements
  • Respond faster and more efficiently to changes in operational and competitive environments

QPR ODM template requires QPR EnterpriseArchitect software as a platform. The model is delivered as an add-on implementation package including the ODM add-on template.

Customer Stories

“We are using EnterpriseArchitect. Of course, you could do them with PowerPoint or Visio, but it's much handier. That you can connect the things there in the background and that gives value as well.” 
- Ville Koivumäki, Head of City Solutions IT, Fortum

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"We are using mostly QPR EA (EnterpriseArchitect), that is the core product that we are using. And with that, we managed the modeling, the different levels of strategy business models, operating model processes, IT, solutions and so forth. It's used for communication on different levels of the business architecture, and then also the solution designs and solution architects on the project level."
- Matti Eerola, Chief Enterprise Architect, Head of Architecture and Projects, St1

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QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform

QPR Software introduces QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform to help transform data into smart decisions!

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Featured References

“QPR EnterpriseArchitect allows us to model not just how things are, but also what has been envisioned, where we are going and where we want to go.”

- Patrik Maltusch, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Aalto University -

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“With QPR, Dubai Airport Freezone has been able to achieve tangible customer results already within the first year of implementation.”

- Dubai Airport Freezone, UAE -