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KBC Group's journey of  process mining in banking and insurance

How do you identify operational risks and RPA opportunities? How to remove bottlenecks to meet SLAs, increase sales and efficiency in front and back office?

At QPR Conference 2019, our customer, KBC Group, has shared with us their experience with QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the process mining tool that helps them find the answers to many critical business questions.

"Process Mining is the technology that helps us to make data powerful," said Sander Van Lombeek, Team Lead, Commercial Credits at KBC Group.


KBC's presentations and interviews shed lights on how they leverage QPR ProcessAnalyzer to:
  • Reduce operational risks,
  • Identify RPA opportunities,
  • Increase sales,
  • Maximize efficiency, and more.


Get KBC Group success story pdf, interview and presentation videos:


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Process Mining

Interview Highlights - Sander Van Lombeek - Process Mining Journey of KBC Group (30 seconds)


Interview Highlights - Maaike Roekens - Process Mining Initiatives for Banking (40 seconds)


Interview Highlights - Christof De Groote - Process Mining Initiatives for Insurance (30 seconds)