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KBC Group's journey of  process mining in banking and insurance

How do you identify operational risks and RPA opportunities? How can you remove bottlenecks in order to meet service-level agreements?

KBC Group, a multi-channel bank-insurer, have been faced with challenges that most companies within the banking industry are familiar with – the need for increased efficiency and digitalization, requiring major organizational changes.

Making data powerful

To transform their business and prepare for the future, KBC decided to begin using process mining. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, they can instantly visualize processes and find root causes of inefficiencies at a glance, identify unnecessary steps and automate credit application checking processes, as well as keep track of service level agreements in every subtask. As described by Team Lead of Commercial Credits Sander van Lombeek, “Process Mining is the technology that helps us make data powerful”.

Identifying inefficiencies

With centralized risk management operations and local offices in 30 countries, it was difficult for KBC to find reasons for process failures. “QPR ProcessAnalyzer allows us to follow up worldwide execution of processes from the headquarter office. With Root Cause Analysis, we found out why certain tasks are often done incorrectly. These insights substantiate our decisions to automate said tasks and implement a four-eye principle.” - says Sander Van Lombeek, Team Lead of Commercial Credits at KBC Group.

Inefficiencies are difficult to find without process mining, but with process mining, steps that are unnecessary can instantly be identified. “With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we can keep track of SLA situation in every subtask and find the root cause of inefficiency. To illustrate, we discovered a bottleneck caused by deficiency of the e-form system, doubling the promised processing time”, says Christof De Groote, Service Manager at KBC Insurance.


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Process Mining

Interview Highlights - Sander Van Lombeek - Process Mining Journey of KBC Group (30 seconds)


Interview Highlights - Maaike Roekens - Process Mining Initiatives for Banking (40 seconds)


Interview Highlights - Christof De Groote - Process Mining Initiatives for Insurance (30 seconds)