QPR Software showcases a new market-aligned process mining solution at Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour

Today our process mining solution – capable of analyzing massive amounts of business process data in the blink of an eye – will be demonstrated during Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour. QPR will be participating in the EMEA events in Paris 13th and in Stockholm 20th of October to show the world what the new era of process mining means.  

In May 2022, QPR Software released a process mining solution for large companies with complex business processes and massive data sets. By combining QPR and Snowflake technologies, vast amounts of business-critical data can be analyzed faster, safer, and more cost-effectively than before.  


“With Snowflake's modern technology, we can scale to substantial amounts of data and thus apply process mining to data that previously had to be broken down into smaller parts,” said Pekka Keskiivari, CTO of QPR Software. “With QPR’s ProcessAnalyzer running natively on the Snowflake Data Cloud, growing data volumes are no longer an issue as the solution processes complex calculations at a speed never experienced before on the market.”  


In the competitive process mining market, QPR’s new solution also stands out as the only future-proof process mining solution capable of supporting the entire enterprise – no matter the size of the business and the complexity of its processes. It is the first and only process mining solution in the market to run natively on the Snowflake Data Cloud.    

Running process mining within the Snowflake Data Cloud also brings other benefits for the process owners and end users, as other vendors in the process mining market require users to store their data in the vendor’s system, often taking a toll on client company data governance policies. 


“Copying data from one system to another can come with increasing information security risks,” said Pascal Ferro, Partner Development Manager, EMEA at Snowflake. “QPR’s solution provides a solution for this requirement, offering modern data governance with a single source of truth. As QPR’s process mining takes place in Snowflake's Data Cloud, data security remains at a high level.”  


“With the support of our partnership with Snowflake, we are on a mission to build the future of process mining software,” says Matti Erkheikki, QPR Software's Chief of Strategy & Alliances. “Our customers often tell us that QPR ProcessAnalyzer is easier to use and set up, already meeting the needs of their business better than other software available on the market. The future-proofed modern process mining solution does not only provide organizations the visibility of inefficiencies in their core operations, but it also extracts information from large datasets to make predictions and estimates about future outcomes by utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms. The cognitive technology for decision intelligence is the future of modern process mining and Snowflake Data Cloud provides a superb platform for it.”  


The Data Cloud World Tour is making 19 stops around the globe, so organizations can learn about the latest innovations in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. The tour is all about exploring how organizations can use and collaborate with data in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. The Data Cloud World Tour is an opportunity to discover, learn, and experience how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can take organizations and careers to new frontiers. 


For additional information, please contact:  

Jussi Vasama  

Chief Executive Officer  

Tel. +358 50 380 9893  

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Yen Do

Marketing manager in Process Mining at QPR Software.

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