Sanofi won the Digital Hackett Award 2023 in the category of Talent Management with QPR Software Process Mining!

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news about our valued customer, Sanofi. They've achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the prestigious Digital Hackett Award 2023, and it's a testament to their continuous pursuit of excellence in process management.

Sanofi's relentless commitment to enhancing their operations has been truly inspiring. They embarked on an innovative journey with the QPR Process Mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer, a trailblazing approach to optimize job change processes. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, Sanofi has streamlined their operations and elevated their efficiency to new heights.

Sanofi’s Head of Process Intelligence Christian Müller:

“With this award, Hackett is spotlighting companies cutting the edge of creating competitive advantage and delivering measurable benefits at scale using digital transformation solutions. We got this global recognition for our Workday Job Change Process Excellence Project.


About the Process:

The Job Change Process is a global Key HR Process related to all changes within the employee life cycle in the Workday like promotion, move to a new position, or contract changes.

This is how we did it:

We combined Business Process Management and QPR Software’s Process Mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer to enable data-based decision-making by using methodologies like Prediction, Process Discovery, and -Conformance. In collaboration with our amazing colleagues from People Services, we applied a user-centric Process design approach to redesign the entire Process.

  1. Execute a Process Mining Project to get 100% transparency on the "as is" Process
  2. Pilot Prediction and play with technology like Machine Learning to gain insights and forecast the behavior of actual cases
  3. Apply a User Centric Process Design approach to create a LEAN process based on Data and insights
  4. Design the "to be" Process with BPMN 2.0 according to Company taxonomy and connect with Process Mining for conformance Analysis
  5. Execute a one-year rollout of the new Process in 70 countries and use conformance analysis to ensure proper implementation, change management, and sustainability.
  6. Measure and monitor the success: One year after implementation, the median process duration dropped from 8.9 to 0.9 days, while the average process duration shrank from 35 to 6 days. Now, process transactions are taking 90% less time to complete, saving Sanofi’s People and Culture administrative employees 2,800 hours a year, while saving the technical team’s customers – the managers – 3,400 hours

This remarkable achievement exemplifies what can be accomplished when organizations embrace cutting-edge technologies and drive transformation. It's an honor to be part of Sanofi's journey of process excellence, and we're immensely proud of their success.

Congratulations to the entire Sanofi team for this well-deserved recognition. Your dedication to improvement and innovation is truly commendable. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and assisting you in reaching even greater heights!

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Sanna Salo

Chief Marketing Officer at QPR Software

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