Solution BI and QPR Software Partner to Deliver Innovative Business Intelligence Solutions

Exciting news is on the horizon for companies looking to unleash the power of data-driven business processes. QPR Software, the trailblazing process mining innovator and visionary, has just announced a brand-new partnership with Paris-based Solution BI, known for their customer-centric end-to-end business intelligence solutions.

Solution BI offers end-to-end business intelligence solutions with global reach and customized services

With offices around the world, Solution BI is a major player in the end-to-end business intelligence solutions space. They offer a wide range of consulting, technology solutions, packaged solutions, and training services. Essentially, Solution BI specializes in creating customized solutions for their customers whenever data is involved; whether it's dashboarding, data warehousing, process analysis, or advanced AI & ML-based solutions.

How Solution BI and QPR Software's partnership came to fruition

So how did Solution BI come to partner with QPR Software? It turns out the stars aligned last year at a Snowflake event in Las Vegas, where the two companies met and hit it off. As a company that invests heavily in Snowflake, Solution BI was impressed with QPR Software's approach to data management, ease of use, and alignment with their Snowflake strategy.

As a company that invests heavily in Snowflake, Solution BI was impressed with QPR Software's approach to data management, ease of use, and alignment with their Snowflake strategy.


QPR Software leads the way with native Snowflake integration for process mining

Snowflake is indeed the next big thing in process mining, and QPR Software is the only vendor offering process mining natively on Snowflake.

With the native Snowflake integration, companies of any size can effortlessly visualize complex processes and access lightning-fast data processing for instant insights. Even more importantly, the Snowflake integration enables organizations to keep their data secure and governed, and to share it securely across units, companies, and applications.

The potential of the Snowflake integration has not gone unnoticed in the process mining market. QPR Software has been named Visionary in Gartner's 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools.  

With process mining, Solution BI is revolutionizing business process analysis for its customers

Solution BI was on the lookout for partners who would be equally committed to delivering business solutions that are easily understood by customers, instead of just promoting complex technologies. QPR precisely delivered this. As a partner, QPR Software has impressed Solution BI with a constructive approach and willingness to find solutions together.

According to the Solution BI team, process mining is a game-changer for any organization with an analytical or data-driven mindset. With the insights that process mining provides, Solution BI can bring value to any organization or any individual process. Moreover, they can engage in concrete discussions with their customers and provide perfectly tailored solutions to unique needs. This exciting new approach is already changing the way that businesses think about business process analysis, and it promises to unlock even greater levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability in the years to come.


Collaborating to make the world a more efficient and data-based place

As for what Solution BI hopes to achieve through their partnership with QPR Software, their goals are clear: further solidify and strengthen their position within their current customer base, increase brand awareness, and explore specific projects and user groups where they can make a difference.

But most of all, they're excited to be working with like-minded, optimistic, and solution-oriented people who share their passion for making the world a more efficient and data-based place.

So, there you have it, folks - a match made in heaven between two companies who are shaking up the world of business intelligence, brought together by their love for Snowflake.


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