QPR Software Plc refines its strategy

QPR Software Plc has decided to refine its current strategy to reflect market changes and the Company's priority areas, and to announce renewed financial goals for the strategy period. 

In accordance with the refined strategy, the Company profiles itself even more strongly as a software and SaaS player and as a consultant for its core business areas as well as a leading player in Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) technology. The aim of the refined strategy is to further increase the value the Company produces for its customers and to support the Company's growth through concentration. The Company's mission is to innovate, develop and deliver software for analyzing, monitoring, and modeling the organizations’ operations. The Company also offers consulting services to ensure that customers get full value from the software and related methods.  

In accordance with the adjusted strategy (2024–2027), the Company focuses its business on the international growth of SaaS solutions offered by Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) and the process mining at its core. The Company's DTO offering also includes software developed for modeling and managing and measuring the organization's strategy and performance. 

The Company's revised financial goals for the strategic period 2024–2027 are:

  • Average twenty (20) percent annual SaaS growth,  


  • Sustainable operating profit.  

The Company’s management estimates that the size of the process mining market in 2022 was approximately $1.1 billion. The management estimates that the market continues to grow at an average annual rate of around 49% and reach $28 billion by 2030. The demand for Digital Twin of an Organization technology is expected to grow with the development of the process mining market. The management estimates also that the modeling and organizational strategy and performance management software market is also around $1.0 billion. The market is quite mature but continues to grow at an average annual percentage rate of single digits. 

The Company also continues to build new strategic partner networks in accordance with the strategy announced on March 10, 2022, to achieve a scalable Go-to-Market model, expand its own offering and improve the value it provides to its customers together with technology and implementation partners. The Company concentrates its growth investments in Europe and the Middle East and, through a partner network, on new market areas such as North America.


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Sanna Salo

Chief Marketing Officer at QPR Software

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