QPR Software Plc delivers its Process Modeling SaaS -solution to a global specialty chemicals pioneer

QPR has signed an agreement to deliver its QPR ProcessDesigner SaaS -solution to a global specialty chemical giant with a presence in nearly 100 countries. In intricate environments subject to high regulation, it is of utmost importance to have standardized business processes, definitions, and responsibilities. The global chemicals company will use QPR ProcessDesigner to improve its process standardization, cross-functional collaboration, and user knowledge of process management.

The main objective for the company is to define a common approach to process modeling. By mapping policies, process models, functions, roles, risks, and responsibilities, the organization will be able to efficiently manage and analyze its business processes. As the customer has a complex global organization that requires a deep understanding of local processes and regulations, the potential in combining process modeling and process mining was evident.  QPR's top consultants provide the company with specialized knowledge and skills that enable them to make informed decisions throughout the project's life cycle, from its design phase to completion.

QPR Software was selected as the vendor of choice for a process modeling solution after carefully evaluating different alternatives. QPR ProcessDesigner stood out as the best option for understanding the big picture, getting all functions on the same page, and standardizing process management across functions and geographical areas. Moreover, the customer aims to use QPR ProcessDesigner in combination with the leading process mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer, which analyzes the data, reveals bottlenecks in the processes, and determines the right improvement areas.   

"Combining the benefits from QPR ProcessDesigner and QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a match made in heaven for our client’s needs. Process management is essential for successfully running business operations, which is why QPR ProcessDesigner is the perfect tool for our client’s business users to be able to continuously develop and improve the operations. With our unique next-gen process mining solution the client’s process owners gain insight into their processes with pinpoint accuracy, so they know exactly what to change to improve the way their business runs,” says QPR’s Chief Revenue Officer Eric Allart. 


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Sanna Salo

Chief Marketing Officer at QPR Software

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