QPR Software and PACE-XL form a partnership

QPR Software, a leading process mining software provider, and PACE, optimization experts, announce a partnership that gives our customers the confidence they need to make informed, immediate decisions when it comes to driving efficiency and changes in their organization.   

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QPR’s process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, uses existing data from corporate information systems and automatically displays a dynamic visualization of the real processes, their performance, as well as their compliance. Process mining provides instant insights into automation opportunities and business process bottlenecks.  

The use of process mining software is growing in popularity. The size of the global process mining market in 2021 was around EUR 550 million. The market size is expected to keep growing at 40 – 50% in the upcoming years.    

“The use of process mining is growing and for a good reason. Whilst working with manual process mapping has allowed us to deliver process understanding to our customers, process mining is powerful in painting the full complexity of a business’ processes, where information systems come into play. The addition of process mining is providing our customers with automated process discovery that reveals the actual processes that are being followed. With process mining, we can more easily find root causes of inefficiencies and pin-point automation opportunities,” Ed Hook, Director of Consulting at PACE, highlights. 

PACE leads a wide range of enterprise customers to adapt to changing market conditions and embrace market opportunities, reliably fast.  

“Processes, specifically optimization of them, are at the core of everything we do. We are all about making it as easy as possible for customers to do business – resolving internal processes to increase efficiency, improve CX (Customer Experience) or remove friction from employee daily routines, EX (Employee experience). These values resonate well with our understanding and experience of QPR – a company where technology is essential, but process understanding comes first.” Hook describes.  

“We are delighted to partner with PACE to help more companies improve their efficiency through complete and ongoing business process transparency. We share a common goal with our partner to deliver exceptional customer value through extensive process excellence. This goal is reflected in our ways of working – our aim is to deliver a solution that is designed to provide value for all users with impeccable services to support clients at each step of the way”, comments Matti Erkheikki, Chief of Strategy, Partnerships, and Alliances at QPR Software.    

“PACE is an extraordinary partner, and we cannot wait for further success in our current and future joint projects. It has been wonderful to experience the positive reaction from the PACE team and customers alike, to process mining and the enormous opportunities it presents.” Erkheikki highlights.  

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For additional information, please contact:  
Ed Hook  
Director of Consulting 
E-mail: edhook@pace-xl.com  
Tel: +447359039044 

PACE-XL: PACE | Adapt to market change - today | (pace-xl.com) 

Are you interested in partnering with QPR Software?
➡️ Learn more on our partner page.

For additional information from QPR Software, please contact:  

Matti Erkheikki  
Chief of Strategy, Partnerships and Alliances at QPR Software Plc  
E-mail: matti.erkheikki@qpr.com  
Tel. +358 40 717 2570 



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