QPR Software signs significant contract to expand its process mining SaaS -cooperation with a global pharmaceutical company

QPR Software Plc has signed a significant contract to expand its process mining SaaS cooperation with a leading global pharmaceutical company

QPR Software has signed a significant contract with a leading global pharmaceutical company, to expand the usage of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the market-leading process mining solution. The committed contract value of the deal is over 1 million euros for three years and it consists of software licenses, continuous SaaS services, software maintenance services, and a software delivery project.

The tangible value and cost savings enabled by QPR ProcessAnalyzer have led the company to expand its deployment as a core solution for end-to-end process mining capabilities in multiple business processes throughout the organization. Starting from the Customer Invoice-to-Cash (CI2C) process, the company has implemented the use of QPR ProcessAnalyzer for its Purchase-to-Pay (P2P), HR, and contract management processes.

Currently, the company is implementing several global core process model programs. Process mining supports these implementations by providing insights on process conformance, consolidating the process variations, and helping to navigate business change management and system changes. With QPR Process Analyzer, the company is improving business performance, execution, and bottom line.

The company selected QPR ProcessAnalyzer for its time-to-value, combining high performance, excellent user experience, and extensive integration capabilities. Additionally, QPR ProcessAnalyzers no-code approach has enabled outstanding dashboarding capabilities which are highly valuable for the organizations business users need for monitoring and continuous improvement of operational performance.

"We feel honored to expand the collaboration and look forward to our continued joint success. Together, we will continue to identify highly valuable new process improvement and automation opportunities. Process mining has provided insights for the organizations numerous process owners at the different levels and functions, which previously did not have the same in-depth knowledge of how the processes were carried out in other parts of the organization. The unified view has improved cross-functional decision-making", says QPRs Chief Revenue Officer Eric Allart.


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