QPR Software Annual Report 2021 Published

In 2021, QPR Software celebrated its 30th anniversary as a pioneer and leader in its industry. For more than three decades, QPR has been leading in the innovation of software solutions and services that have generated tangible process insights for customers around the world.

2021 was a year of success and winds of change. All new board members were elected – all of whom have extensive, in-depth strategic expertise from IT growth companies – and a new CEO was appointed.

CEO Jussi Vasama reflects over last year’s success as follows:

“Our SaaS businesses exhibited clear growth (+19%) and consulting net sales developed positively throughout the year (+7%). Our SaaS deals include major process mining software agreements with an international pharmaceutical company and a European chemical company. Among others, the Finnish service integrator for health and social services organizations and municipalities, Istekki Oy, chose QPR as their service provider for the management, modeling, and planning of enterprise architecture and information management.

We continued to invest in process mining software development, as well as sales resources and sales channels. By enhancing task mining functionalities and focusing on scalable SaaS solutions, we help our customers to take an activity-based approach to improve and automate their business processes, even in organizations with substantial amounts of data. Investing in machine learning capabilities and developing solutions for predicting process flows opens new business opportunities to generate continuous and sustainable customer value.”

Read more about the highlights of 2021, the state of the markets, and QPR’s new vision and upcoming strategy in the
Annual Report 2021.

The Corporate Governance Statement 2021 and Remuneration Report for the financial year 2021 are available on the investor relations pages.

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