Partnership Announcement: QPR Software and Novacon join forces to Transform Process Mining Solutions in Hungary

Thrilling developments await enterprises eager to harness the potential of data-driven business operations. QPR Software, a pioneering trailblazer in process mining and Digital Twin of an Orgnization (DTO) technology, has revealed a fresh collaboration with Novacon. Renowned for their customer-centric comprehensive Lean and process management, Novacon's partnership with QPR Software heralds a new era of possibilities.

Driving Sustainable Business Growth: Novacon experts in Lean Management and Organizational Development Services

Novacon is a leading provider of Lean management, organizational development, process automation, and digitization services in Hungary. With roots in the consultancy business, Novacon assists businesses in streamlining their processes and driving continuous improvement, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Forging a Dynamic Partnership: The Birth of Novacon and QPR’s Collaboration

QPR Software and Novacon are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing process mining services in Hungary. This collaboration brings together Novacon's extensive experience in Lean management and process automation with QPR's cutting-edge process mining knowledge and software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The collaboration creates a powerhouse of expertise and technology that delivers unprecedented value to businesses across the market.

Novacon's aspiration to join forces with QPR as their chosen partner for process mining originated from a shared commitment to attaining process excellence and leveraging insights driven by data. The timing appears to be also opportune, coinciding with the expansion of the process mining market in Hungary. Novacon's extensive capabilities in Lean management, process automation, and organizational development make them uniquely positioned to guide clients in effectively applying the insights derived from process mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

"By incorporating process mining into our portfolio and with the power of QPR ProcessAnalyzer's cutting-edge technology, we are poised to revolutionize the realm of business process enhancement,” says Zoltán Dobszai, Partner, leader of Lean Management and Process Automation and digitization service lines at Novacon.


With process mining, Novacon is revolutionizing business process analysis for its customers

Among the various options available in the market, through the rigorous testing of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, Novacon aimed to ascertain its compatibility with various business environments, its potential to seamlessly integrate with different IT systems, and its ability to deliver insights that would align with its clients' process improvement objectives. Novacon also considered factors such as scalability, ease of deployment, and the level of support provided by QPR's team. Their evaluation revealed that QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides exceptional value for clients, delivering powerful insights at a reasonable cost. The collaboration between Novacon and QPR is set to enhance process mining solutions for businesses in Hungary in several key ways:

  • Providing a complete Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle backed by modern technologies and proven methodologies
  • Offering end-to-end guidance for clients in maximizing their process mining benefits
  • Ensuring seamless integration of QPR ProcessAnalyzer with Novacon's other offerings, creating a holistic approach to process improvement and automation

"Through the utilization of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we have the capability to assist our clients in discovering invaluable data-driven insights regarding their processes. Furthermore, by leveraging Novacon's expertise in process enhancement, automation, and digitization, we can empower them to translate these insights into tangible actions. This addresses a prominent challenge I've observed among end-users of process mining. This partnership, in my view, is a seamless fit, precisely for this reason,” says Novacon’s Process Mining Project Lead, Antal Kárpáti.


Empowering Synergy: Fruitful Partnership with QPR

The partnership is not just about technology; it's about people and expertise. QPR Software and Novacon are committed to offering unparalleled support and guidance to their clients throughout their transformation journey. This includes personalized consulting, training, and ongoing assistance to ensure that organizations derive maximum value from the solutions and achieve their digital transformation goals. Novacon's partnership with QPR is set to shape the future of process mining solutions in Hungary, ushering in a new era of data-driven process improvement. 

"We had very easygoing conversations with QPR, leading me to interpret that we found like-minded people, with similar views about process and data and share similar values in business. This synergy will undoubtedly resonate with clients, providing them with a seamless partnership that fosters mutual growth and success,” summarizes Dobszai.


”Novacon's process mining and workflow expertise adds great value to both existing and new QPR customers locally in Hungary and remotely in the whole Europe. We're eager to combine forces to help our clients achieve new levels of success with Process Mining, Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO), and Intelligent Workflows.", says Teemu Lehto, QPR Software’s Vice President of Process Mining and Head of Consulting business.

And thus, we witness the perfect union of two companies that are revolutionizing the realm of business intelligence. Their shared passion for data and streamlined processes has forged an impeccable partnership that seems destined to thrive.

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