QPR entered into a collaboration with an international retail sector company

QPR Software has made an agreement with a significant, globally operating retail sector company. The company chose QPR ProcessAnalyzer, QPR's process mining solution, which runs natively in Snowflake Data Cloud. 

The company utilizes process mining to analyze several different business processes including its e-commerce delivery process and its vast amount of data. The selection was influenced by the versatility and cost-effectiveness of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, as well as its seamless compatibility with Snowflake Data Cloud, the cloud service utilized by the company. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is globally the only process mining software that runs natively in Snowflake Data Cloud.


"Operating QPR ProcessAnalyzer natively in Snowflake Data Cloud is a modern and future-proof way to deliver data analytics, such as process mining. It provides several advantages to our customers, increasing ROI and improving performance, scalability, and security. It also strengthens our ability to serve international enterprises that manage complex business processes and billions of data rows," says QPR's Chief Product Officer Matti Erkheikki.

"We are proud that a well-known retail sector company, who previously used competing solutions, has acknowledged that QPR ProcessAnalyzer brings them better value. This significant partnership strengthens QPR's position in the industry and demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative solutions for demanding business environments. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with our new customer," commented Heikki Veijola, CEO of QPR Software. 


You can read the press release published on the subject here

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