QPR Software Delivers Process Mining Software to a Global High-tech Engineering Solutions Provider

Helsinki, Finland, July 7, 2021 at 11.00 am - QPR has signed on July 2, 2021 an agreement to deliver QPR ProcessAnalyzer software to a global high-tech Engineering solutions provider.

The customer’s first process mining project will focus on Shared Services process improvement across the Procure to Pay process. The project will provide transparency and insight into highly complex procurement processes comprising high-value; often bespoke goods and services. The objective is to increase procurement efficiency and deliver substantial savings.

To reach these objectives, the customer needs accurate process insights provided by process mining. QPR ProcessAnalyzer connectors will facilitate the creation of automatic business process models based on a variety of data sources that span their end-to-end Procure to Pay process. The customer will use QPR ProcessAnalyzer to analyze the insights drawn from these different data sources. For example: to understand the root causes of process inefficiencies and identify key bottlenecks. As a result, the customer will rapidly be able to take definitive action to optimise their procurement processes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer was selected because of its overall ease of use and unrestricted ease of deployment across multiple business processes and systems. Having the ability for any user to access enterprise-grade capabilities, powerful analytics and advanced dashboarding capabilities was a key part of the investment decision, as was the unique; rapid ROI offered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR’s own expertise.

“We are proud to begin our work with one of the world’s largest high-tech engineering companies to help them rapidly exploit the capability of QPR ProcessAnalyzer wherever it is needed in the business. The customer delivers advanced solutions and services to its customer base around the world, to do this requires strong financial management of complex high-value supply chains. They have exceptional abilities in their shared services team and are keen to get started on their process mining journey. I am confident that the business will quickly achieve exceptional results with the help of QPR ProcessAnalyzer”. SVP Matti Erkheikki manager of the process mining business at QPR Software.

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