QPR Software delivers Process Mining solution to a European chemical company

Helsinki, Finland, December 3, 2021 at 10.00 a.m. - QPR has signed an agreement to deliver QPR ProcessAnalyzer SaaS solution to a European chemical company.

The customer will use QPR ProcessAnalyzer to improve their supply chain efficiency. The immediate objectives include reducing rework, improving delivery planning, and extending robotic process automation to the order-to-cash end-to-end process. Future objectives include harmonizing processes across the company, supporting digital transformation, improving the purchase-to-pay process, and driving revenue growth.

QPR Software was selected as the vendor of choice for a process mining solution after carefully evaluating different alternatives using three key factors: 1. feedback and input from the business’ stakeholders and users, 2. compatibility with the IT and security -requirements, and 3. commercial factors and expected return on investment.

Recognized benefits and key features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer include a ready-made connector for SAP order-to-cash process with data integration and extensive dashboards, user-friendly discovery and root cause analysis for business users, an intelligent orchestrator functionality to trigger RPA bots, and a high-performance solution in the QPR Cloud -platform.

"We are excited to work together with the chemical company to realize the benefits of process mining. The customer’s project team has already showed their experience and capability to use process insights from QPR ProcessAnalyzer. We will continue our journey together and focus on achieving the set business objectives, like improving supply chain efficiency through improved planning accuracy, higher level of automation and reduction of rework.", says SVP Matti Erkheikki, head of the process mining business at QPR Software.

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For additional information in QPR Software, please contact:

Matti Erkheikki
Senior Vice President, QPR Software Plc
E-mail: matti.erkheikki@qpr.com
Tel. +358 40 717 2570

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Yen Do

Marketing manager in Process Mining at QPR Software.

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