QPR releases a revolutionary process mining solution Powered by Snowflake

We are excited to introduce our next-gen QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the first and only process mining software to run natively on Snowflake data platform.

QPR Software has collaborated with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to release a version of its market-leading process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The new version of the software runs natively on the Snowflake data platform, providing organizations unforeseen scalability and performance in the fast-growing process mining market.

With advancing digitalization, the amount of data is constantly growing. Building a successful business requires decision-making based on data and facts. In many organizations, the amount of data stored is enormous and its efficient processing is exceedingly challenging. QPR ProcessAnalyzer, a process mining software developed by QPR, enables the utilization of diverse data and decision-making based on facts.

Many organizations’ business processes consist of long chains of events and operate on a large number of cases, easily resulting in several hundred million lines of event data. Snowflake's modern technology scales to substantial amounts of data and thus allows process mining to be applied to data that previously had to be broken down into smaller parts.

“We also evaluated other technologies. Snowflake's scalability made it the most efficient and user-friendly option. Process mining as part of Snowflake's centralized data platform is in line with the organizations’ future data strategies,” says Pekka Keskiivari, CTO of QPR Software.

QPR sees that a partnership with Snowflake adds significant value to the process mining service it provides to its customers: “Combining QPR's and Snowflake's technologies offers a completely new solution that can process huge amounts of business-critical data easier, faster, and more cost-effectively than before,” says Matti Erkheikki, QPR Software's Chief of Partnerships and Strategy.

“We are very excited to partner with QPR Software. We can offer our customers a completely unique opportunity to leverage a market-leading technology for process mining on Snowflake’s platform. Deploying the service is easy and fast. As process mining takes place in Snowflake's Data Cloud, where the organization's data already resides, or where the data can be loaded on behalf of the customer, data security also remains at a very high level,”  says Snowflake program EMEA lead, Pascal Ferro.

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Yen Do

Marketing manager in Process Mining at QPR Software.

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