OSNOVA GmbH Join Forces with QPR Software to Combine Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence

The digital and AI agency OSNOVA GmbH has partnered with QPR Software to equip its clients with powerful solutions for optimizing business processes through intelligent automation. Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence work seamlessly together, complementing each other's strengths and utilizing Snowflake Data Cloud.

Based in Germany, OSNOVA GmbH specializes in digital and AI solutions, offering services from ideation to marketing. OSNOVA aims to provide customers with more comprehensive offerings by uniting Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Combining Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence is a natural fit

"Combining Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence is a natural fit. Analysts can identify issues in business processes through Process Mining and implement intelligent automation using AI. Common applications include invoice approval, customer support ticket summarization, and order management, among others, across various processes,” says Denys Holovatyi, CEO at Osnova GmbH.

OSNOVA recognized QPR Software as a valuable partner due to its solution, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, being powered by Snowflake. Snowflake, known for its high performance, scalability, and secure data cloud, has made significant investments in Artificial Intelligence. Recently, they unveiled their own language model, particularly adept at generating SQL code.

"Technologically, I find it impressive that QPR can operate directly on a customer's Snowflake database. Many companies utilize Snowflake as a data warehousing solution, minimizing or eliminating the need for cumbersome data integration and engineering. This often accounts for 60-80% of project efforts and can present numerous challenges. I anticipate significant synergies between QPR and Snowflake, which could drive substantial growth. Together, we can develop meaningful modern automation solutions for our customers," adds Holovatyi.

Teemu Lehto, Chief Professional Services at QPR Software, expresses enthusiasm for the potential of integrating expertise with OSNOVA: "We're entering a new era of data management and utilization. When customers centralize their data in cloud platforms like Snowflake, it becomes accessible for a multitude of applications such as process mining and AI. We can now efficiently utilize data to identify areas for improvement and proceed to automate processes, eliminating the need for time-consuming data duplication.”

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