Jussi Vasama Appointed CEO of QPR Software Plc


June 24, 2021 at 11.00 a.m.

The Board of Directors of QPR Software Corporation has appointed Jussi Vasama (born 1974) as the new CEO of QPR Software Plc. He will take up his post no later than 7 October 2021. Vasama has a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in the international operations of industrial companies. He has held various global and regional management positions in the software industry since 2012.

Vasama currently works at Basware Corporation as a Chief Customer Officer and a member of the Executive Team, being in charge of Professional Services and Customer Success business and global customer support, leading an international organization of nearly 600 people. He has been employed by Basware Corporation since 2007 and also worked as a Country Manager of the Finnish unit.

Prior to that, Vasama worked as a management consultant at Vectia Ltd for 7 years.

In addition to growing international businesses, Vasama's experience includes operating in a cloud and SaaS environment and developing and innovating a variety of business models, including building partner ecosystems.

The current CEO of QPR Software Plc will continue in the company's service until the beginning of September. If necessary, the Board will appoint a Deputy CEO to the company until Jussi Vasama takes office.

Pertti Ervi, Chairman of the Board of QPR: “We are very pleased to have Jussi build the future and internationalization of QPR as the company's CEO. Jussi's diverse background in the international software company's various operations, cloud services and international business is an excellent background for building the next phase of QPR.”

“I am very excited and energized about the opportunity to set out to build the future of QPR together with team and the board. QPR's diverse and satisfied customer base, combined with a strong offering, opens up many opportunities for cooperation in developing customers' business. ”, says Jussi Vasama.



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