QPR Software Interim Report January – March 2022

SaaS revenue increased and implementation of growth strategy proceeds as planned, new sales of software licenses clearly decreased compared to the exceptional comparison period.  

"Growth investments launched in line with the company's new strategy and the cost of co-operation negotiations weakened profitability in the first quarter. The company is in a strong reconstruction phase. In the first quarter, we announced a new organization, made several Executive Management Team appointments, and released a new strategy. Expenses in the first quarter include significant restructuring and development costs related to contract restructuring and strategy work. In addition, we have started collaborating with new partners, for example in marketing, to ensure the scalability of go-to-market activities.” CEO Jussi Vasama, comments.

Highlights from the report (January – March 2022)

  • SaaS business grew by 8%
  • Net sales amounted to EUR 2,201 thousand (2021: 2,904) and decreased by 24%
  • EBITDA was EUR -201 thousand (566)
  • Operating result (EBIT) was EUR -472 thousand (286)
  • Result before taxes was EUR -483 thousand (206)
  • Result for the period was EUR -380 thousand (170)
  • Earnings per share was EUR -0.032 (0.014)

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Melina Weckman

Marketing Specialist

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