Finnish Tax Administration selected QPR as primary framework supplier

The Finnish Tax Administration has selected QPR Software Plc (QPR) as the primary framework supplier to help define tax administration’s information systems as well as solution consultancy (expert IT services). The focus of the project is in the functional technical definition and development of information systems.

The Tax Administration has indicated a non-binding resource need in this service area to be approximately 4 man-years in 2020, 4 man-years in 2021 and 4 man-years from 2022 on. The procurement duration is 6 years and assignments that have started during this period can continue for up to 4 years after the expiration of the framework agreement.

“The Tax Administration in Finland is a textbook example of how to benefit from digitalization with great determination. We are very proud to act as tax authority’s partner in developing tax services and information systems supporting them by sharing the expertise of our solution consultants”, says Miika Nurminen, Senior Vice President at QPR.

Jarkko Levasma, Chief Development Officer and Chief Information Officer at Finnish Tax Administration comments on the framework agreement: “QPR consultants have broad experience in the area of solution consultancy. We have co-operated with QPR before e.g. when we started to develop enterprise architecture within the Tax Administration, and when we needed help in defining and developing our information systems. QPR knows us and has systematically helped us develop our digital services”.


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Miika Nurminen, Senior Vice President, QPR
+358 40 503 1982

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