Cognitio Analytics Accelerates Growth with QPR ProcessAnalyzer: Meeting High Demand for Process Mining in the US Market

QPR Software has partnered with Cognitio Analytics, a pioneering data and analytics consulting company based in the US and India. This partnership combines Cognitio Analytics' expertise with QPR's innovative technology, creating a powerful alliance that offers enhanced value to customers seeking deeper insights into their business processes.

Founded in 2013, Cognitio Analytics has been dedicated to helping clients drive productivity in their operations through data and analytics. Over the years, the company has witnessed the evolution of the process mining market, realizing the game-changing potential of evaluating and improving business processes with concrete data rather than assumptions.

Roger Potter, Co-Founder & CAO at Cognitio Analytics, showcases the potential of process mining: “We can identify bottlenecks and other improvement opportunities in any process and compare them with competitors.” For example, why does an insurance company’s claim process take 14 days when competitors achieve the same in just 7 days?"

Specializing in healthcare and financial services, Cognitio Analytics is dedicated to optimizing business processes to drive revenue growth, cost savings and streamline manual workflows. For instance, they specialize in helping clients improve their underwriting and sales processes in both insurance and banking. Additionally, they utilize employee data to develop insightful dashboards that evaluate the efficiency of healthcare benefit structures.

As the understanding of process mining benefits has matured, Cognitio Analytics has recognized the need to utilize such software effectively. After a long search for a suitable partner and robust software, their collaboration with QPR Software took off immediately, actively helping them maximize their customers' process mining gains.

"We're excited about the potential of QPR ProcessAnalyzer to help our customers understand what truly occurs within their business processes, rather than relying on assumptions," says Potter. "With its user-friendly interface, pre-built analyses, and integration with Snowflake Data Cloud, the possibilities for data utilization are endless. We believe our customers will be as enthusiastic about QPR ProcessAnalyzer as we are. Our goal is not just to implement the solution but to empower our clients to use it autonomously while providing ongoing support as needed."

Teemu Lehto, Chief of Professional Services at QPR Software, is excited about collaborating with Cognitio Analytics, a company that shares their vision. "Working with Cognitio Analytics, a long-term expert in data engineering and process mining, presents an opportunity to showcase how process mining can seamlessly integrate into leadership and business development strategies. Their educational approach sets the groundwork for companies to innovate with data effectively."

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