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Meet Lassi Salo, Automation Lead Consultant at QPR   

Our Lead Consultant, Lassi Salo, describes himself as an eternal learner of new stuff. After studying computer sciences at the University of Helsinki, his career path led him to work with database administration for several years. Thereafter, Lassi went on the typical path. He laughs, “like many other Finns, I started at Nokia in 1995.” At Nokia, Lassi led a team of IT architects. The goal was to productize anything and everything - while ensuring standardization across the business.

For the last 8 years, Lassi has worked at QPR with enterprise and IT architecture for both private and public sector companies. After many years of working with technology, he now enjoys being a generalist. The job does not limit him to only being a data-geek, project manager, or strategic consultant, but is a mix of all. While in his early career he was foremost excited about technology, he currently favors the excitement of applying this knowledge to specific situations and planning from the start: “what kind of data do we need, what resources and systems do we have, and how do we execute our plan?” Lassi explains.

Outside of work Lassi seeks adventures in the great outdoors. During the wintertime, a group of his friends meet at the slopes once a week for technique training. These sessions are rounded-up with a yearly Alpine skiing trip to the Alps. When the season changes, his skies are replaced by a mountain bike to keep in shape while patiently waiting for another chance to hit the snow-covered slopes. Luckily, summer also consists of spending a great amount of time at the summer cottage to get a well-deserved rest from the large public-sector projects which he is working on.


“A thing I enjoy about my work is the opportunity to dig deep into the available technology. When I work with a tool, such as QPR EnterpriseArchitect I ask myself: how do I gain the most value out of this – what is possible and how do I use it wisely? Additionally, the technology must be used so that it fits into the customer’s setting to maximize the benefits gained.”

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