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Automated Business Process Discovery with QPR ProcessAnalyzer allows your organization to fast-track its’ business process management initiative by reducing the time and cost involved with process improvement actions. Using data stored in operative business systems, QPR ProcessAnalyzer shows exactly how your processes run in reality and allows you to analyze them from multiple angles as well as drill down to individual cases.

Automated Business Process Discovery in a nutshellUnlike time-consuming workshop approach to process discovery, QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides a fact-based result with a fraction of time. With a few clicks, you discover the ‘as-is’ business process models, benchmark performance and see what are the causes for process variations.

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From standalone to cloud solution

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is easy-to-use and fast in data processing and analysis. Targeted towards Process Owners, Process Analysts, Business Developers, Consultants and even IT Directors, QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides a solution for both enterprise environments and single  users.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer
The scalable cloud-based solution allows end-users to have access to the latest models and analysis views directly in QPR ProcessAnalyzer without having to pass around large data sets. This is effective online collaboration and information sharing. Direct connections to data sources are also supported enabling continuous follow-ups of process improvement activities.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress
The standalone version is a perfect tool for single users who need a powerful solution enabling a fast start in 'as-is' process discovery and analysis. All data and analysis results remain in the privacy of your own machine, accessible when needed. Easy upgrade path is available to the enterprise level cloud-based solution.

Discover, Analyze, Improve

For Process Owners, Analysts and Business Managers:

  • Discover your factual 'as is' processes
  • Find improvement opportunities faster
  • Identify instantly process deviations

For System Owners and IT Directors:

  • Audit internal processes for risk, quality and compliance purposes
  • Document system use cases
  • Follow-up and keep track of system upgrade or roll-out projects


Boost your business with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

  • Increase revenues via discovery and removal of process bottlenecks
  • Improve operational efficiency and cut costs through optimisized process performance and by conducting process follow-up as an ongoing activity
  • Speed to decision making with automated process discovery. Quick time to issue discovery and resolution


Success Story: Ruukki

”With the process facts in front of you, there is no denying where you need to put your focus and efforts when developing a process. This is exactly what QPR ProcessAnalyzer delivered.”

Director, IT and Business Process Development
Kristian Witting
Ruukki Construction


Success Story: Vaisala

"At Vaisala, we are committed to continuous process improvement. QPR ProcessAnalyzer has enabled us to do just that easily and effectively, saving valued time for our organizations by quickly pinpointing the development areas."

Arto Puukko
Process Development Manager
Group Quality, Vaisala



QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress

QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress is a standalone version for single users - consultants, process analysts, auditors and process owners a like.

Make process discoveries and analysis whilst keeping the data on your own machine.

Import up to 500 000 events.

Purchase Xpress:

30-day trial available - Contact CustomerCare(at)qpr.com for more information