OPEX Exchange Europe

November 30 - December 01, 2022 | London

About the event

OPEX Exchange Europe is bringing together a cross-sector assembly of senior executives for an exclusive exchange event in London.  

Across two informative days, participants confront the new fundamentals of business transformation and explore how businesses can successfully undergo end-to-end transformation – a topic which we at QPR Software are more than familiar with.

Now is the time to look for new technologies and strategies

The current market situation is full of new risks. Now is the time to look for key technologies and strategies to ensure survival in the face of future major shifts in the market. To orient through the upcoming times, difficult decisions must be made. However, when you are forced to make these tough decisions, the last thing you want is to not have the facts to back them up.

Get an unbiased view of your end-to-end processes

This is where an unbiased view of your end-to-end business processes, with insights into inefficiencies and flagged opportunities for automation, come into play.

Let us introduce you to process mining and QPR's next-gen process mining software: QPR ProcessAnalyzer. This is the key to fact-based decision-making and efficient processes that lead to ease of mind and business, as well as significant cost savings. 

QPR's process mining software is the first and only process mining software to run natively on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Thus, in the competitive process mining market, QPR stands out as the only future-proof process mining solution capable of supporting the entire enterprise – no matter the size of the business and the complexity of its processes. 

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Meet us at the event:

Eric Allart

Eric Allart,
Chief Revenue Officer



Matti Erkheikki
, Chief of Strategy, Partnerships & Alliances


Are you attending the event in London? We are eager to meet you and discuss how we can improve your business processes. 

You can also read more about QPR ProcessAnalyzer Powered by Snowflake or start by first having a look at our comprehensive process mining page

Technology-driven Operational Excellence

Navigate through major market shifts with process mining.

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