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The quest for the one version of truth

QPR Metrics provides an interactive platform that integrates strategy and performance management for World Vision Southern Africa

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Digital quality management in Örebro

Quality services efficiently to citizens of Swedish Örebro municipality.

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du streamlines performance management with QPR

du, the leading integrated telecommunications service provider in the UAE, does effective and automated company-wide performance monitoring with QPR Metrics 

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QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform

Get the pre-built process KPI packages for extracting and transforming information from SAP and Salesforce.

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Reduce lead times and working capital costs

Make right decisions based on real-time facts. Use existing data in your ERP systems to show how processes run in reality. Get familiar with QPR's unique solution for Supply Chain & Operations.

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Gain the insight for informed decisions that make a difference

QPR Software Plc (Nasdaq Helsinki) provides solutions for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. Users of QPR Software gain the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference.

With 25 years of experience, 2 000 customers and over a million licenses sold, QPR’s products are highly regarded by industry analysts and customers alike.

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Customer Success Stories

"Eneco Group‘s QPR powered business management system played a crucial supporting role in several process optimizations contributing to a resource cost reduction of more than 15 Million euros.”

- Mr. Xander Prooi, Lead Process Architect, Eneco Group. -





QPR Suite offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable not only process modelling, performance analysis and measuring but also enterprise architecture. QPR Suite comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organisations in developing their operations as a as a whole, looking at the big picture.


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QPR Suite

  QPR EnterpriseArchitect
          Model all dimensions and layers of
          Enterprise Architecture

  QPR ProcessDesigner
          Focus on business process analysis
          and modeling

  QPR Metrics
          Meet your targets

  QPR ProcessAnalyzer
          Turn your data to process intelligence

Customers who trust in QPR's knowledge

QPR Blog's newest

Happy Customer is the cornerstone of the solution and the most important process KPI. Achieving a Happy Customer outcome alone would be quite easy if there were for example no financial restrictions. The ultimate goal for every private company, however, is not just to create Happy Customers but to increase shareholder value.

Matti Erkheikki

Senior Vice President, Process intelligence business since January 2015