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Nucleus Research improves QPR rating in CPM report

QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessAnalyzer are mentioned among the most influencial CPM solutions in the market

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QPR Suite 2015 released!

Embrace change arising from external business environment and internal development needs

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Lindström selects QPR to develop harmonized and enhanced business processes

Lindström Group leads the way to a process driven operational development for ensuring better customer experience and quality.

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New patent for QPR Software

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants QPR Software a patent for a technology utilizing event instance data obtained from information management systems, and helping organizations to analyze and develop their business processes.

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Laguna Verde enters Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame

With QPR powered strategy management system, Mexico’s biggest nuclear power plant succeeds in their strategy implementation

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Reduce lead times and working capital costs

Make right decisions based on real-time facts. Use existing data in your ERP systems to show how processes run in reality. Get familiar with QPR's unique solution for Supply Chain & Operations.

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We provide insight into your business operations

QPR Software’s mission is to make customers agile and efficient by delivering insight to their business operations. This insight enables customers to streamline and improve business operations and to effectively execute strategies. Our software and solutions support organizations in both private and public sectors worldwide. We offer customers innovative and efficient tools to model and measure all layers and dimensions in organizations, to discover and monitor any processes based on actual event data and to analyze causes for potential performance problems.


QPR offers a wide range of solutions that respond to your needs when developing operations and processes as well as improving quality and ensuring compliance to various regulations.

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Customer Success Stories

"Joulz‘s QPR powered business management system played a crucial supporting role in several process optimizations contributing to a resource cost reduction of more than 15 Million euros.”

- Mr. Xander Prooi, Lead Process Architect, Joulz Ltd. -





QPR Suite offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable not only process modelling, performance analysis and measuring but also enterprise architecture. QPR Suite comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organisations in developing their operations as a as a whole, looking at the big picture.


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QPR Suite

  QPR EnterpriseArchitect
          Model all dimensions and layers of
          Enterprise Architecture

  QPR ProcessDesigner
          Focus on business process analysis
          and modeling

  QPR Metrics
          Meet your targets

  QPR ProcessAnalyzer
          Turn your data to process intelligence

Customers who trust in QPR's knowledge

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During the last two weeks I was with QPR partners in Iceland and Portugal. We had good meetings with many people from many different organizations, both private and public. The theme throughout the meetings and presentations was clear; how to make sure that in the ever increasing competition and price pressure your organization can make quantum leaps in productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction to survive in this battle. This of course is not a new question. Organizations have always strived to become more efficient and achieve better results. But if you have been doing this for years and years and are continuously faced with harder and harder competition, you might start to ask yourself is there anything you could do to take a quantum leap and get an upper hand against your competition.

Mika Leonsaari

Director, Process Intelligence Business

Aalto University case study

Applying Architecture to Business Transformation and Decision Making

Read how Finnish Aalto University used enterprise architecture to improve operational efficiency and decreased IT budget costs by 12%.

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