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Tata Teleservices adopts the QPR Quality Management Solution

Tata Teleservices took control of its 400+ processes across 11 value chains with QPR’s Quality Management Solution supporting industry best practices & principles of lean.

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Lithuanian public healthcare raises the bar for quality with QPR

QPR's Quality Management Solution not only helped achieve the ISO 9001 certification, but it also created a modern management system in the public healthcare sector in Lithuania

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€17 million of savings with process mining

"The best thing about process mining is instant results"
-SVP Matti Erkheikki, QPR Software

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QPR MobileDashboard

A decision making tool that fits in your pocket

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du streamlines performance management with QPR

du, the leading integrated telecommunications service provider in the UAE, does effective and automated company-wide performance monitoring with QPR Metrics 

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Gain the insight for informed decisions that make a difference

QPR Software provides solutions for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. Users of QPR Software gain the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference.

With 25 years of experience, 2 000 customers and over a million licenses sold, QPR’s products are highly regarded by industry analysts and customers alike.

Dare to Improve.

Eneco Group‘s QPR powered business management system played a crucial supporting role in several process optimizations contributing to a resource cost reduction of more than 15 Million euros.

- Mr. Xander Prooi, Lead Process Architect, Eneco Group. -

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QPR Suite offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable not only process modelling, performance analysis and measuring but also enterprise architecture. QPR Suite comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organisations in developing their operations as a as a whole, looking at the big picture.


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QPR Suite

  QPR EnterpriseArchitect
          Model all dimensions and layers of
          Enterprise Architecture

  QPR ProcessDesigner
          Focus on business process analysis
          and modeling

  QPR Metrics
          Meet your targets

  QPR ProcessAnalyzer
          Turn your data to process intelligence

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QPR Blog's newest

KPI’s or key performance indicators measure your progress towards success. KPI's are a crucial strategy execution component. Unfortunately, too many managers get carried away when they hear the word KPI. Dashboards, traffic lights, …. the more visuals, the better. However, using KPI’s the wrong way can harm your company. So what's the right way to work with KPI's? Here are 6 ways to challenge your current KPI’s of check the quality for new ones. You can check out the KPI video here.

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