Process Mining for Banking Transformation

Tuesday, December 8th, at 3 PM EET (2 PM CET / 1 PM GMT)

Banks continue to seek opportunities for cost effectiveness in an environment of increasing economic, technological competitive and regulatory pressure. While strategies such as automation and process improvement have yielded some benefits, banks must find a way to enable sustainable efficiencies and cost discipline.

In this joint webinar with BearingPoint, we will discuss:

• The evolving technological, economic, competitive and regulatory pressures on European banking
• Why run the bank / change the bank is giving way to ‘transform the bank’
• How banks still need to and can improve operational efficiency and cost hygiene
• The benefits and limitations of traditional methods for transformation
• The role of process mining in operational discovery, performance management, conformance and compliance

We will send the webinar recording link and other webinar materials to your email if you can't make it to the live broadcast.


1. European banking trends and pressures
2. Maintaining operational efficiency
3. The pros and cons of existing approaches
4. Process Mining as an efficiency enabler
5. Live demo of QPR ProcessAnalyzer

More info: Get Fact-Based Insights with QPR ProcessAnalyzer


The webinar has ended. Proceed to see its recording: