Webinar: Preventing Compliance Violations using Intelligent Process Mining

- Machine Learning in Process Mining Part 2

On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: D.Sc. Teemu Lehto, Vice President, Process Mining at QPR Software

This webinar will give you – compliance officer, internal auditor, business leader, process analyst, controller – a clear understanding of the benefits of intelligent process mining for preventing compliance violations.

A foundation-level webinar - Intelligent Process Mining with Machine Learning– shows how these techniques work on a more general level.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how machine learning and AI can add more intelligence to your process mining solution. Join us and ask your questions as we cover:

  • How to detect compliance violations
  • How to predict future violations
  • How to prevent future violations using notifications and RPA bots

What is Intelligent Process Mining?

Intelligent process mining uses machine learning to better utilize the process mining results.

  • Machine learning analyses: how the new machine-learning-based process mining analyses such as clustering analysis, help you understand compliance violations
  • Case-level predictions: how to predict the currently ongoing cases that have a high risk for compliance violations
  • Intelligent Orchestrator: how to notify people and trigger RPA bots when compliance violations occur or are likely to occur

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