QPR ProcessAnalyzer Process Mining Demo

After your 30-minute online demo, you’ll understand:

  • How process mining optimizes your business processes
  • The core features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • How incredibly fast you can implement and gain insights from QPR ProcessAnalyzer

The demo is held by one of QPR Software's process mining experts, who have together helped hundreds of companies improve their operations and reduce costs through better processes.



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Why QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a class apart

Based on real G2 customer reviews.

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Real-time process analysis


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QPR as a partner 

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Process mapping

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Execution Management


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Product direction

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Ease of use

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Meets requirements

Our customers say it best


“We now embed process mining in real-time, identify bottlenecks instantly, and take actions much earlier.”

Stewart Wallace, Risk Analytics Manager


"With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in 2-3 hours, compared to three weeks in the past.”

Christof De Groote, Service Manager
KBC Group


“Decisions are made much easier when data is presented in a visual way - we can get to the right questions sooner.”

Jonathan McCoy, IT Director

Benefits of QPR ProcessAnalyzer

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86% shorter process lead times

Piraeus Bank cut the lead time of a key business process by 86% – by finding the root causes of process automation problems.
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100% accurate x-ray of processes

KBC Group got full visibility of its processes and inefficiencies. By improving service quality, process efficiency, and SLA compliance, processing times improved by 100%.
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30,000 fewer monthly late payments
A multinational customer cut the number of monthly late payments by 30.000 – by seeing all the real-time process data in one place.
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60% increase in order handling efficiency

Metsä Board was able to focus on the right improvement activities, improving process conformance from 40% to 80% and order lines volume by 60%.