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Improving Invoicing Lead Time with Process Analysis

Invoicing lead time is basically quite a simple KPI: If you sell tangible or intangible goods, you measure time from the goods issued or service provided to the invoice being sent. Okay, so if it’s simple as that, then what do we need Process Analysis for? Well… There might just be solid business benefits in also finding out how much time passes until the sent invoices are in fact paid.

Kirjoittaja: Jari Luomala

Avainsanat: Process KPI, Process Mining, invoicing lead time


Business Design in the Heart of Strategic Planning

An enterprise is a complex socio-technical system, more complex than its products. Like products, managing business and operating model design requires supporting systems, consisting of competences, methods, and tools. A new category of business support systems is emerging for this purpose, called Business Operating Systems.

Kirjoittaja: Jaakko Riihinen

Avainsanat: Business Design, Business Operating System, Enterprise Architecture


Getting Ready for the General Data Protection Regulation

Many companies are already preparing for General Data Protection Regulation, and have started activities to be compliant when the regulation becomes effective on May 25, 2018. If your organization is already using Enterprise Architecture framework and tools to manage and model the development of the operations and IT system portfolio, there is a possibility of synergy to be gained.

Kirjoittaja: Lassi Salo

Avainsanat: Enterpriser Architecture, General Data Protection Regulation


Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Did you know that you can utilize various machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms in QPR ProcessAnalyzer? In addition to getting insight of your as-is business process state, you are now able to foresee the future outcomes of your business processes. Be ahead of your competitors by utilizing the machine learning possibilities of QPR ProcessAnalyzer!

Kirjoittaja: Jaakko Niemi

Avainsanat: Process Mining, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics